Definition: slang for “tracksuit pants”, Australian equivalent to sweatpantsExample: “I literally spent my entire Sunday in these trackie dacks”. You may have heard of this one because it’s a pretty funny mix up if you don’t get it right. Pingback: True Blue Names for Boys | Name News |, And then of course there’s Blue Steel, Derek Zoolanders signature pose . It is #26 nationally, #31 in New South Wales, #30 in Victoria, #24 in Queensland, #40 in South Australia, #22 in Western Australia, #23 in Tasmania, #13 in the Northern Territory, and #53 in the Australian Capital Territory. It gives its name to a colour – steel blue, a shade of blue-grey. It seems slightly cheating to include them on a list of Blue Names, as every river I have seen here was brown or green in colour. That could always change in the future, of course. Fangs, as in sharp teeth, are still called fangs. Blue steel is steel that has been given a dark finish, in order to increase toughness. You’re sure to see a lot of service stations along the road selling petrol. This phrase can also be used as an adverb like so, “Fair dinkum mate, you have to read the book!”, Definition: a positive term used to describe or refer to something as greatExample: “Have a ripper of a day!” / “That was a cracker of a game!”. What about Makaira, the Latin name for marlin? Although it has around a hundred of them, Australia cannot be said to be a land of great rivers – river beds are often dry, and even our largest rivers tend to be on the thin side. We would love for you to share it with us. Happy Australia Day! and it actually does make sense! The phrase “Bloody oath” (abbreviated to ‘bloath’) is used more commonly than oath on it’s own, although the phrase can be seen as colloquial. Definition: Cheap wine that comes in a boxed sack, usually enjoyed by college students for their budget-satisfying parties.Example: “Want to go on a Dan Murphys run to grab some goon?”. Integral to life on the planet, it is believed that life first arose in its waters. Ugh, they just understand us, you know? Definition: a phrase used to express extreme agreement and excitementExample: “Our team dominated theirs last night?” “Oath!”. It has been connected to the “blue collar” working class, but also with the wealthy, and “blue blooded” nobility. Definition: Short for “utility vehicle”, Australian equivalent to pick up trucksExample: “Chuck a u-ey after that ute.”. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! The brand itself has an innocent looking budgerigar perched next to its name. Why say the whole word when you can shorten it down to two syllables? They were often shown guarding a hoard of treasure with avaricious ferocity. Fun fact: There’s actually a chain in Melbourne that actually says “Maccas” instead of  “McDonalds”! The Australian Shepherd, commonly known as Aussie, is a medium-sized breed of dogs, with a great deal of stamina. Definition: short for ‘afternoon’Example: “Are you free this arvo? POLL RESULTS Hitting up op shops is said to be one of the smartest ways to shop in Australia and my personal favourite is Vinnies so do have a look! In the Old Testament, Levi was the son of Jacob and Leah, and the founder of the Tribe of Levi. Aussies make a loyal and loving pet, so here are some amazing names for your cuddly, cute, blue eyed, merle boy or girl. The name is unisex, but historically much more common for boys – in Australia, it seems to be more than twice as common for boys as for girls. Merit – Merit is an awesome name that fits in line with other virtue names like Hope, Faith etc. Their name comes from the blue-grey haze which can be seen when the mountains are viewed from a distance, believed to be caused by the diffusion of eucalyptus oils from the trees. He is the father of the ocean nymphs, and all the rivers, fountains and lakes of the world. One goon box holds about 4 litres and is usually sold at around $10. Suede was named in honour of the song, as his parents are Elvis fans. Levi has charted in Australia since the 1970s – this was the decade that Levi jeans were first manufactured in Australia, and the brand name probably had more impact than the Biblical figure. Levi was #243 for the 1980s, and climbed steeply to make the Top 100 by the early 2000s, where it remains stable. I mean, mozzies and arvo relatively make sense but ute? Suede is a soft napped leather, popular for making accessories such as shoes and handbags. The English surname Dean or Deane comes from dene, meaning “valley” – the Mountain Blue Gum grows in sheltered valleys. ), Definition: Australian equivalent to ‘How are you?’ or ‘How are you doing?’Example: “Hey mate, it’s been a while! Esky. Nothing beats a good barbie outdoors with great buddies and cold stubbies. A bay is a scoop in the shoreline, much prized for providing safe anchorage and opportunities for fishing. Here are ten names for boys which are associated with the colour blue, in honour of the saying, a true blue Aussie.. Bay. The word goes back to an ancient root meaning “to see” – perhaps suggesting that dragons had a mesmerising gaze. That’s right! I mean sure try it if you’d like but I’ve yet to meet anyone who preferred the latter. Enter your email address to follow this blog. I think several of these names could be used for either sex. At first glance this might not make sense but it’s kind of like saying you agree so much with what someone has said that you’d take an oath for it. Pingback: Baby Names That Don’t Always Travel Well | Waltzing More Than Matilda, Pingback: Questions About “Waltzing Matilda” Answered | Waltzing More Than Matilda, Pingback: Famous Name: Tigerlily | Waltzing More Than Matilda, Ahhhh I have been waiting for this post since seeing the true Blue Girls version. Sometimes friendly service people use it so it’s always good to know, especially if you are one! Definition: No and yes respectivelyExample: “Yeah nah, it wasn’t such a great movie.”. Unless, of course, we’re talking about sandals! His surname is from the Old English nickname Draca, meaning “dragon, serpent, sea serpent”, coming from the Latin draco. The best way to have a snag is to have a …, Definition: Bottle of beer, sometimes also referred to as a ‘cold one’.Example: “Help yourself to a stubby, mate!”, No barbie is ever complete without a couple of stubbies! Some service stations also have convenience stores so make sure you check which ones do on your next road trip! Some are unique, some are traditional, some you may not have thought of! Drake has been used as a boys name since the late 16th history in honour of the heroic sea captain, Sir Francis Drake – the first babies with this name were born around the time of Sir Francis’ death. It was soon afterwards recorded by Elvis Presley, who made it a hit all over again, and the song has gone on to become a rock and roll classic. Adam; Akama (Aboriginal, Meaning: whale) Archie You’re a true local then! If you’re thinking about coming to Australia, you’re doing it right already. They’re both casual, friendly terms so you’re sure to impress your Aussie mates! Isn’t there a bus there?” He laughed for a good five minutes after that but at least I wasn’t nervous anymore, right? So how was that? Let’s catch up!”, Arvo is short for afternoon and you’ll hear this word literally everywhere. However, rivers are marked in blue on maps, and if you saw one from a distance with a quantity of blue sky reflected in it, from the right angle it would probably look blue-ish. From words like “esky” to phrases like “Chuck a sickie”, you’ll be dumfounded, amazed and then fall in love with the different lingo we have here. We already told you there are no rules here when it comes to naming your Australian Shepherd. The word ocean comes from Oceanus, which the ancient Greeks and Romans believed was an enormous river encircling the world. They’ll usually be able to maintenance work for your vehicle as well although that can depend on where you are. Dean first ranked in Australia in the 1950s, probably because of Hollywood star James Dean; it debuted at #134. From space, Earth appears to be a marbled blue colour, earning it the moniker The Blue Planet. Last year I saw several boys named Steel or Steele in birth notices, after the release of the Superman movie, Man of Steel. Definition: Barbecue, a cookoutExample: “Got a couple of snags, up for a barbie tonight?”. A good trick is to remember to end with the one you mean and you’ll definitely get the hang of it! “Yeah, nah” means no and “Nah, yeah” means yes. These two phrases are often used in the beginning of sentences that need a yes or no answer with a bit of explanation afterwards. The public’s favourite names were Levi, River and Bay, and their least favourite were Ocean, Steel and Suede. They probably attended the recent Elvis Presley Festival in Parkes. The best part is, when you travel to other countries, nobody will understand you but everyone will know you’re from the land down under! The name Levi is traditionally understood as “he will join”, because Jacob joined with Leah to produce Levi, but Biblical scholars believe it simply means “priest”, and comes from Arabic. Suede features in the Carl Perkins song, Blue Suede Shoes, considered one of the first rockabilly records, and the first million-selling country song to hit the R&B charts. Definition: Short for ‘opportunity shop’, Australian equivalent to thrift store.Example: “I got this skirt for $5 at the op shop, isn’t it cute?”. The Blue Mountains are to the west of Sydney, part of the Great Dividing Range down the eastern side of Australia. The Levites became the priestly caste of the Hebrews – perhaps the most famous members of the Tribe of Levi are Moses, and his siblings Aaron and Miriam. The Australian flag and Eureka flag are both blue, blue heelers are tough, loyal Australian cattle dogs, and it is an Australian irony that a red-headed man is called Blue or Bluey – some say because of the redhead’s reputation for temper, as a blue is Australian slang for a fight.

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