Collaborations are becoming more and more common.

Science is the pursuit of knowledge. Copyright © 2010–2020, The Conversation US, Inc. The Ghana Permaculture Institute has established several community tree nurseries to produce large numbers of trees that support reforestation and agroforestry farming projects.

The principles of crop rotation have been successfully used for thousands of years in agriculture and are still used today. Esplar Research and Advisory Center is a Brazilian nonprofit organization developing agroecological systems on family farms throughout the semi-arid state of Ceará. Broadway Books, 2010. Over the centuries, indigenous peoples have provided a series of ecological and cultural services to humankind. Indigenous peoples, with their decades of personal experience combined with that of their ancestors, harbour vast knowledge about the environment and the ecological relationships within them.

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It is a knowledge system that predates colonisation and European modernity. The Declaration affirms that indigenous peoples have the right to own and develop their land and resources and to follow their own traditional ways of growing food.

Indigenous knowledge is the unique knowledge confined to a particular culture or society.
TEK has already provided insight into environmental change, wildlife population monitoring, sustainable harvesting practices, behavioural ecology, ecological relationships and so much more. It is a practice designed to preserve the productive capacity of the soil, minimize pests and diseases, reduce chemical use, and manage nutrient requirements, all of which help to maximize yield. Together, they contribute substantially to modern science. Although the value of integrating Indigenous science with Western science has been recognized, we have only begun to scratch the surface of its benefits. types of indigenous knowledge – explicit indigenous knowledge and tacit indigenous knowledge. The preservation and continued evolving use of this knowledge is embedded in recognizing indigenous peoples’  fundamental right to follow their own traditional ways of growing food. Throughout history, Indigenous people, perspectives, and knowledge have contributed substantially to the development of science and technology and will surely continue to do so for generations to come!

The preservation of traditional forms of farming knowledge and practices help maintain biodiversity, enhance food security, and protect the world’s natural resources.

He was the brother of author Harriet Beecher Stowe.

“What tradition teaches: Indigenous knowledge complements western wildlife science” by Paige M. Schmidt and Heather K. Stricker.

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