At Larson's suggestion, she looked up and gasped. Learn more Main article: Raid on UNSC Infinity A small number of Spartan-IVs from the new program's first official class were assigned to Infinity in January 2553. The numbers presented to her were staggering. Lleva tu comunidad favorita contigo y no te pierdas de nada. Since it's a relatively new program, we're keeping it centered on the Infinity. It looked habitable but that wasn't what baffled her. Considering how expensive the UNSC Infinity was to build & the possibility of Infinity using one-off Forerunner tech, would the planned sister ship UNSC Eternity be a possible sight in the future of Halo? She told them that she was being shipped out again and the family went into overdrive. The AI chirped happily. Adam haunted her memories as she realized that by becoming a huntress, she would have to face him eventually. Aimee fizzled into existence on the holo-table, catching Cassandra's eye. Unless they fail to identify themselves. ", A few hours passed as the Eternity and Unflinching Resolve made their way to the edge of the Oort Cloud in preparation for the jump. Is that a frigate?" La UNSC Eternity es un Supercarguero Clase-Infinity y nave hermana de la UNSC Infinity. She briskly made her way through the halls, now bustling with life. Even though she was the captain of the ship, Cassandra didn't know where exactly her ship was even located. Known owner(s) But, she pushed those thoughts to the side as she enjoyed the last week with her family. Ship Stats . Cassandra watched as a covenant ship slipped in existence from the disturbance. Special Assembly Plant Concord I have to make my way over to the Infinity before heading back to Earth," He turned to Cassandra and held out his hand, "Good luck, Captain Westfield. None of the stars or constellations around the ship were properly identified. It only took a minute or two before the Ultra's deep voice resonated throughout the bridge, "This is Shipmaster Ditam 'Vratum of the Unflinching Resolve. Designation AME 2345-15. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Role(s) It is intended to be the sister ship of the UNSC Infinity, flagship of the UNSC Navy. She removed the bow on her head as she stepped back inside, her cat ears flicking back and forth. However, some of the files she began to read were even more worrying. "Raise comms with that ship, and get our weapons trained on it," Cassandra barked out as her eyes narrowed at the cruiser that was getting closer. Send to Friend . May I suggest dressing yourself so we can get you to the bridge as quickly as possible," Agent Larson said with a smirk as Cassandra gave him a cold glare before quickly donning her navy officer's uniform and donning the new patches that denoted her new rank as captain. Affiliation A few seconds later, she skidded to a stop on the ground before making her way back home. The fifteen year old watched the stars, fantasizing about becoming a huntress to 'save all the people and be a hero.' Larson led her through a maze of hallways as she nodded at multiple people who saluted her. by Nickdunn23 Follow. My name is Lt John Eagle of the 10th ODST. "Damn it, do we have fabrication bays?" The Eternity itself numbers roughly at eighteen thousand one hundred personnel. Aimee, do you have the jump plotted to where the Redoubtable and Paris are?" All of whom had the same reaction. Aimee's panicked voice woke Cassandra up immediately. Same results.". It's a shame I'll be unable to see both of these ships on their maiden voyage. "All right, Shipmaster Vratum. The UNSC Eternity is the incomplete sister-ship to the UNSC Infinity.. Aug 18, 2020 #42 RandomGuy96 said: *is an unshielded piece of shit with gun PD and … "Slipspace disturbance, seems like a vessel, ma'am." Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, the situation is far worse than you can believe. Shortly afterward, Insurrectionists led by the former Spartan-IV Ilsa Zane attempted a hostile takeover of the vessel, entering the ship disguised as a constru… Next > Chapter 2: The Eternity. Then blast them to hell. Sadly, we can't spare any Spartan IVs to the Eternity. She was taking a break from practicing with Crescent Rose. Aboard the Dawnbreaker and the Leviathan, she'd never been able to truly appreciate the cosmos around her. ", "Understood, captain. Orders? Its steel gray chassis and superstructure were default navy colors. No matter what the engineers, both human and Huragok, tried; nothing could get it operational again. It was the moon. They've been augmented already so we can't give them the updated ones, however, they can use the War Games to get trained as Delta was never trained since Kurt and Mendez either died or disappeared from Currahee. She wanted to become a huntress to bring justice to the world, and to get stronger. The curiosity created by the glow died down quickly as she stood up and used her Semblance to speed down disappear from the roof in a flurry of petals. T.Wolf of the 1st Marines. Cassandra thought as she settled in for the month long trip by stepping into the cryo tube after making sure her gear and luggage was secured. "The station crew is giving the thumbs up," Aimee reported in. Enjoy! All rights reserved. He would show her to her quarters and other vital areas such as the medbay and the cafeteria before finally taking her to the bridge. Aimee's word were worrying. "Very well, Shipmaster Vratum. Production information Share via Email Report Story Send. Blake Belladonna looked back down from the stars, her mind wondering about the sudden glowing of the star. Planetary scans are picking up relatively weak signals but there are no satellites in orbit. When I said the jump was roughly plotted, I meant it. Several pre-manufactured modules were built for the Eternity, but were ultimately retrofitted onto the Infinity during a maintenance and overhaul cycle in late 2558. The flurry of voices were all affirmatives that the systems aboard the Eternity were running smoothly. "Greetings Captain Westfield, Agent Larson. Share. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 9 - Words: 30,342 - Reviews: 87 - Favs: 154 - Follows: 200 - Updated: 2/6/2019 - Published: 4/1/2018 - id: 12888657 + - Full 3/4 1/2 Expand Tighten < Prev. "Greetings Aimee, I will leave Captain Westfield in your hands now. Cassandra made her way to the holo-table just as Aimee reappeared with several files appearing in front of Cassandra.

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