From the air the settlements – poor sub-urban sprawl – are more forested, greener and perhaps a notch tidier than those on the nearby mainland e.g. I am in complete agreement with Ian that this general insight is very valid. However, Nowhere did I say I support the act of war. Peter Turchin is an evolutionary anthropologist at the University of Connecticut who works in the field of historical social science that he and his colleagues call Cliodynamics. ==============================================================, Notes on the margin: Tomorrow I am taking off for another long trip. Of course these students go home and pay to stream from netflix movies about war….

After the world war, the colorizing powers found it more useful to “cooperate” among each other against the anti colonialism and independence movements in colonies: Congo, Vietnam are just two examples. Aaaaah, war-huh Marine war premiums for ships entering the Persian Gulf have increased since the first tanker incidents occurred. The competition could be against a societal or technological problem, like how to immunize children around the globe against measles, a goal largely achieved, that required tremendous creative cooperation.

It’s just part of the irony of history that people manage to harness bad things to good ends, and noble drives to bad ends. These risks require a standalone war coverage policy to be purchased, which AGCS also offers, although it is not a major provider of this type of insurance. The point of war blows my mind You can be vegetarian, but it’s really hard to argue that humans would have evolved in to what they are if they had been herbivores. It might be just as interesting (i.e. And lose their lives, I said, war, huh The last statement on your comment is interesting in that it suggests peace is not the answer to the failed states because they are at internal war … Yet, that is exactly the point: they are at war. As a blog that is called social “evolution” I would expect an interest in projecting progress along an arc towards justice (paraphrasing MLK), and not a mechanistic view of an abstract “society” that services some and victimizes others. Set aside linguistic and framing problems, I just analyzed fallacies on this page. So, it is not like one can say “while there was colonization there was no war.” Thus, colonization was not an alternative solution to war. His publications are frequently cited and in 2004 he was designated as “Highly cited researcher” by Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Surely therefore we are better off with this apparently progressive evolution towards less frequent war and more peace in between – eventually, if we don’t get wiped out in an apocalypse first, there may be eternal peace., “You can be vegetarian, but it’s really hard to argue that humans would have evolved in to what they are if they had been herbivores.”. His most recent book is Ultrasociety: How 10,000 Years of War Made Humans the Greatest Cooperators on Earth (Beresta Books, 2016). Society has been virtually addicted to it, and to war. similar principle to the Ukara island. In this situation insurance can also respond in the form of war “loss of hire“ cover, which can cover the vessel for loss of earnings for the period during which it is detained. The cooperation, the “creativity” (if how to kill and subjugate can be considered creative) is seen from inside a bubble. You seem to have a closed mind where you find some conclusions objectionable before ever considering any evidence. As a cognitive linguist who studies frame semantics (and the impact of word choice on the evolution of discourse), I am FASCINATED by the responses in this thread. Except, perhaps, that it wouldn’t surprise me that you would defend the hatred of homosexuality as a basis of “creative cooperation” by homophobics — as you do for war.

The alternative is to cooperate to find peaceful solutions and this achieving even higher levels of social progress than what wars can ever achieve.

Thus, wars have not only a destructive side, but also a creative one. Source: NIMBioS. It requires understanding the path we are on and visualizing the consequences. You put a fallacy here yourself (appeal to common sense). However, such hull policies do not cover acts of war, piracy or the seizure of vessels, as in the case of the Stena Impero. I mean, it’s nice that you believe that, but what does the historical record show?

“Without war (or more broadly, without competition between societies) cooperation would unravel and disappear. By that reasoning, you could argue slavery is good for society. Up until this point in human history, this method has been invasion by neighbors who perceive weakness and the chance for pillage whenever a neighbor is divided.

Good God y'all This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Typically, if the vessel has been taken and has not been returned after six months, the owner has the chance to claim a total loss. War by Edwin Starr was written by Barrett Strong and Norman Whitfield and was first released by The Temptations in 1970. was ranked as 3,873 in Amazon best-selling books – a very good result, indicating lots of sales. War, huh We need a replacement for war, and peace isn’t it. Stand up and shout it

Your support of war is narrow because it overvalues what a few gain (Europe / the US / the elite who don’t have to fight the wars, the victors) and devalues the many that lose (colonies / the poor / the losers of armed conflicts). Whatever cooperation was done among fractions could had been achieved for goals other than killing. I This means that the risk is spread over a number of different insurers thereby limiting the exposure for the individual companies, explains. The downside is that you are likely to be misunderstood and your main message misrepresented. Not making any claim other than that. “But how can you disagree with a conclusion before studying something first?”.

Germany, however, didn’t have many colonies. What you’re talking about is a fringe benefit of war. For example, the value of the hull of a very large crude carrier (VLCC) could be anywhere between US$85mn to $100mn for the largest vessels.

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