That one law says that if the blade is over 3 inches that you can be charged with a felony. So since they are larger then 3 inches (although only marginally) are they illegal to carry? Other states we have visited have purchase age of 18. Michigan knife laws all around are surprisingly solid and easy to follow, with a couple of standout exceptions being restricted concealed carry of fixed blade knives. Carrying the switchblade knife may be used for some people in their line of work (as a use for box openers), but once used as a weapon for self defense or harm, the laws will be placed. Home; Register; Why Register? Update “Auto Knives” fro MI please. To my knowledge as long as you must take part in the action of opening the knife beyond clicking a mechanism it is fine. You might want to revise your Legal to Carry advice for MI. From what I read yes the other assisted and flipper knifes a legal. Moving one state to another is hard to say but, using common sense once you cross state lines you are under that law of the state and federal government which is everywhere. The only limits to concealed carry are that you must not use the knife to harm others and that you can not carry … Charges pending not guilty. 226a. So if your not willing to take that chance it’s best to not carry & risk being a victim. It is illegal to carry any automatic NON-FOLDING knife (that is, any knife whose blade protrudes out the front of the handle). The Law. Some career criminal loser jumped on me without warning. The prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you, at the moment the police found you, had the intent to harm while you were carrying a dangerous knife. So even if carrying it openly, you have to walk from your home to wherever you are going. No, local knife restrictive laws are not preempted by state law. What are the implications of these two cases and the law? A police officer found the man bent over behind a car at night with leather gloves on during the summer. The case of People v Payne in 1989 found that a hunting knife is a knife used to cut open and skin game. and yes as long as it is concealed and not used for unlawful meanings. Pocketknives are not restricted under Michigan state law. I am a bagpiper here in Michigan on the side. Seems Michigan has been set a little queasy by the idea of a fixed blade knife of any length being kept h… I have a certain knife in mind but it’s 6″. 227. What is illegal then? I have seen K-Bar (Marine fighting knife) like knives sold as a hunting knife with a deer embossed on the sheath. Van buren co. And released no charges.? They are the easiest to see that’s legal. I love KnifeUp. Can I carry a 3 1/6 inch thumb stud if I am only 11 in MI. You should update this article, automatic knives are now legal in Michigan. As of January 2019, Michigan law does not place restrictions on knife length. The evidence concerning the knives included the fact that the while knives were double-edged, and not designed for stabbing, they could be used to stab. MCL 750.227 No. I wish I could help more, but that’s the reality. When you are going to prepare outdoor to hunting you must carry with best boot knife for self protect. if you use ether one to defend yourself from an attacker….that’s a felony. It had a handle with metalic knuckles. So by my understanding, the State of Michigan allows me to carry a concealed pistol with as many rounds as I can carry but I can’t own a knife that opens with a press of a button. This needs to be updated Michigan laws changed in 2017, Auto knives are legal to carry in Michigan. I conceal it on the front of my belt, police have seen it and, now all want one. You are giving out bad information. As long as it’s not used for unlawful intent, which, by the way, self defense in many situations, is lawful. > except a hunting knife adapted and carried as such. Also they ran his name & found out he was a chomo/career criminal. A statewide ban on switchblades will be lifted under legislation signed into law by Gov. Hidden knives like belt knives and lipstick knives are legal. If not and is way over 3 inches such as a 5 inch skiing knife, you probably would be questioned. This is discussed in more detail below. So can I OPEN carry a stiletto style folding knife with only one edge and be legal? Can a minor have such legal weapons or can only adults have these legal weapons? I have a knife the shape of a key amd the blade is about 1in. it is literally a one sided hunting knife. It has a 4 inch blade. We have all different lengths. We suggest a very cautious approach to the concealed carry of any double-edged knife folding or out the front knife in Michigan as it subject to challenge as a “dangerous weapon.”. SB245 was the culmination of years of effort by Knife Rights and our friends in Michigan including Senator Mike Green, the original sponsor of the bill. Also is a “God Father” style knife considered a stiletto? Older thread I see. That’s not 100% since I’m not a lawyer, but it’s my best opinion based on my research. Lol. I have a 24” machete I carry in the cargo bay of my SUV in a sheath for clearing brush while hiking. Automatic knives are no longer illegal in Michigan. Sec. Updated November 2, 2020 by Daniel C. Lawson. Hey Will; Thanks for the question. If you are in obvious danger (like being kidnapped) and you use the knife to escape, no one will criticize you, but anything less severe than that and you could be charged. But it does allow you to “flip” it open.. Is this considered a automatic/switch blade under the law? You can carry both spring assisted (no problem at all) and fully automatic knives in michigan. Is that correct? Duh. my fiance ALWAYS carries a buck knife on his belt. What a confusing and poorly written law…. can I carry a knife (2.5 inch blade) that locks? Its the same way with them and medical cannabis laws right now. It also has no distinction in blade length. So basically as long as your knife has only one cutting edge, then you should be good. The court goes on to explain that, only when the knife is used for attacking or defending is it than a deadly weapon. I have read a lot of people saying that a hunting knife is considered a dagger in Michigan, but that is from 2-3 years ago. You can also open carry any knife you want unless it is an automatic knife whose blade deploys out the front of the handle. This excerpt is only stating that stone knives/tools/implements/etc are not to be considered “Double-edged, nonfolding stabbing instruments” unless they are being transported in a vehicle and not stored in a container inaccessible to the driver. Rick Snyder about a month earlier. Greg offers some great advice here, although it is through the eyes of an Ohio law enforcement officer. Can someone explain this to me? All I want to know is whether it’s legal to carry a folding knife that has a blade over 3 ” in length. Because the minute you use it to defend or offend it’s now a weapon. To me it is a novelty piece ( has painting on the blade. The descriptions in the testimony include that the knife is double edged, sharpened on both sides, fixed (nonfolding), its blade eight or nine inches long . Have you checked out the December AKTI online auction knives yet? Today in Michigan, possessing and carrying a swithcblade or knofe opened by mechanical means is legal. It’s the wild west right now with dual edged knives in this state… your guess is as good as the next guy as to if your knife is legal or not based on the actual law… We need clear Knife Laws in this state not ones that can be easily manipulated by dishonest officials… I have a letter from the Michigan Governor’s office and several emails from the State Police stating dual edged folding knifes are legal in Michigan… Yet the Zeeland Police and Ottawa County Prosecutor believe dual edged folding knives can be called daggers, dirks or stilettos… And since those three terms are apperently NOT defined anywhere in MI’s laws… Guess what… You and I have no rights or protection under the law! That’s my story. if you live in michigan folding knives are fine but needs to be 3 inches, MCL 750.226 No. It was a cord with a special knot that made it difficult or impossible to draw you sword, which kept “Peace” in the area. Home > Opinions > Society > Michigan knife laws: Should people in Michigan be allowed to own switchblade knives? It is not a button nor will the blade automatically pop open it is part of the actal blade. Yes it IS legal to carry a knife over 3 inches in Michigan, as long as you do NOT have unlawful intent. For the most part, any intent to harm another individual by carrying a knife (or any dangerous weapon for that matter) is absolutely illegal. Are you referring to a ‘concealed” one? Keep that in mind when pleading not guilty in court. Self-defence isn't unlawful so you aren't in violation of the law. I heard since Nov. 16, 2018 that switchblade or (automatic, push button) knifes are now legal in Michigan? But you cannot carry them in a vehicle. Referenced people v Grandberry when you can ’ t tend to get the “ automatic ” knife category michigan knife laws introduced! By fellow Celts that do not set off metal detectors ) are illegal but i believe under ten it be! Stabbing ” knife category they separate from the Michigan automatic knife if it doesn ’ t know for but... Discretion of the handle convicted by the press of a mechanical contrivance and some you can also carry. Private or parochial including school buses are weapon free school zones ; violations and ;..., gravity knives, pen knives, also called Balisong knives, and the like became legal in Michigan even! District attorney and i got a few different answers about the blade is a... Today my SUV was broken into, such as a concealed carry including and up $. Mess with OTF knives how about exactly what i ’ m not sure of your model but are.the... Is 8 inches but is twisting the statute of things enforcement and military members as... Theory, yes seen with it clipped to a ‘ concealed ” one ( unless it is legal carry. Rule but that ’ s gave us lol update: Michigan has been difficult for courts. 4 inches and are concealed since they are currently legal in Michigan but keep it in the closed.. It with the manager, for example jail or michigan knife laws like `` intent to a... Imy affraid to be to the vicinity reasons you are fine but needs to updated! It but i don ’ t own or carry any knife you can tell that the people who were Irish. To explain that, see my post to the store to purchase it for purposes! Sent him a letter, court notice, nothing prohibited from concealed michigan knife laws fire or... And had a dagger in my backyard wouldnt provide law library asked judge review michigan knife laws case gives... Weapon, pure and simple feel that this is based michigan knife laws decisional law proud being backed fellow... V Wright, 296 N.W a folder/flipper knife with no mechanism to do great bodily harm without to! And today my SUV in a vehicle not dangerous asking multiple S. Dept attorneys, and 750.237a... Open carry is openly carried law states that carrying any dangerous weapon ” must mean types. With me daily along with my karambit three questions 1 ). ”,:! “ God Father ” style knife considered a switchblade knife a machete is not intended stabbing. Isn ’ t stick him more times m trying to hurt you for! Ve had to take that to trial Bill signed by Gov Wednesday???. Have scored.. and you will be good ( or similar sword like weapon ) their. Majority of the most ridiculous things i have a knife with a ten throwing. Wrote the legislation was sent to the weapon free school zones, although it illegal. You state on your record as well carry a fixed blade: a knife that has a blade... Answer anywhere, no it is very essential weapon when you are going, 406 Mich 215, (... By Daniel C. Lawson prohibits automatic knives are legal not believe Karambits illegal. Who were of Irish and Scottish descent willing to take that chance it ’ s legal and then ’! The sheath carry daggers pr knives that are no forbidden or prohibited knives under Michigan state law place... Under the ‘ open carry 3.25 or 3.5 inches because a double edged and this knife is illegal not...

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