Exactly as predicted. The UAE has proved that its main strategy in these conflicts is to control the policymaking of its allies. 0. The predictions are partly based on researching and calculating global, regional and local war cycles. Since then, Syria disintegrated, Russia and Iran moved in, and Israel found itself facing grave new threats. Israel has been on high alert for an Iranian offensive while promising brutal retaliation. Argument: Follow Israel … It is these regional tensions that make solving proxy wars so difficult, especially in Libya, where on Aug. 21, the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA) announced a unilateral ceasefire. There have even been a few grudging admissions by opposition figures that he has been following the right path, although the most vicious Bibi-haters can’t help but snipe at him. As I write this we already in a slightly different reality, with President Rivlin having given Benny Gantz the mandate to form a new government.

We have only 3.09 hospital beds per 1000 people, ranked 28th out of 40 OECD countries. Posted on March 15, 2020 by Victor Rosenthal. Recent events move us closer to a devastating Middle East war in 2020, and possibly earlier.

After he definitively lost the battle for Tripoli this spring, both Cairo and Moscow have started cultivating Speaker of the Libyan House of Representatives Aguila Saleh as an alternative powerbroker for the country’s east. The bipartisan legislation mandates that the administration impose sanctions on countries interfering in the Libyan crisis, as well as smugglers and violators of human rights. They should do so. Some of us may not make it. Oct 26, 2020 | War & Peace.

There are only a finite number of intensive care beds and equipment, and if there are more patients in respiratory failure than ventilators available, then some who could have been saved will die. This incident immediately appeared to change the primary dynamics at play in U.S. Libya policy.

They possess cutting-edge economies and share certain values with the West such as religious tolerance, intelligence-sharing in the global fight against terrorism, and rigorous protections of private property. Eastern Mediterranean’s gas exploration and export hub, Switzerland Is Choosing Austerity Over Life. The army is not allowing soldiers leave.

There is nothing wrong with Arab citizens having influence – indeed it is essential for democracy – but the Arab members of the Knesset are all anti-Zionists: communists, Palestinian nationalists, pan-Arab nationalists, or Islamists. Both sides have committed atrocities, and the Turks have pushed for a maritime exclusive zone, which clearly violates international law—and Greek, Cypriot, and Egyptian maritime rights—in an attempt to turn Turkey into the Eastern Mediterranean’s gas exploration and export hub. So, from early 2020, the Turkish government has stepped in on behalf of the insurgent regional bloc, funneling drones and Syrian mercenaries to Libya’s shores to … Israeli Warning: New Biden Policy on Iran to Spark War, Israel’s Naval Power Critical for Future Security, European Jews on Alert After Vienna Terror Attack, 5 Reasons to Closely Watch Explosive Israel-Gaza Border, Global Jihad in Jerusalem? Will there be an effective one and when will it be ready? It then departed for Switzerland three days later, landing in Dubai in early May. Given that presidential engagement is likely off the table until at least January 2021, when a new U.S. presidential term begins, one avenue for the U.S. government to continue pushing for peace in Libya is via the Libya Stabilization Act.

Passig discovered that all three cycles are expected to converge around the year 2020, suggesting that Israel will be involved in a war with both regional and global implications. We also can’t continue to allow the legal establishment to hold a veto over the will of the people and the Knesset. Strongman Khalifa Haftar has lost the initiative, and it looks as if the only option left for his international backers is to divide the country. The leaders, Japan and South Korea, have 13.05 and 12.27 respectively (the US ranks even lower than Israel, in 32nd place with about 2.8 beds per 1000, and the UK is worse, at 35th and 2.54). Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (MALAM). The Israel-UAE Deal Won’t Bring Peace, but It Will Prolong the War in Libya. There are many unknowns.

Sudden reforms in the ethno-federal state system have drawn comparisons to the dissolution of Yugoslavia. This increases the extent to which Trump and Kushner are beholden to the Emirati leadership for helping deliver them a much-needed media boost. Please send an email to info [at] abuYehuda [dot] com. There are at least three laboratories in Israel on the verge of testing a vaccine.

The professor is still around. Nonetheless, it would be a stark reminder of Congress’s role in pushing back against a Trump foreign policy that elevates its relationship with the UAE over international law. This absolutely has to change. Although the fundamental drivers of regional conflict remain unaltered, pundits across the political spectrum are correct to note the regional significance of the UAE-Israel deal sealed last week.

Yet at the moment of their great diplomatic success, the UAE is currently stumbling militarily in all three theaters. In an audio recording of the briefing aired by public broadcaster Kan, Haliva stressed that the threat of a serious Iranian strike was tangible. So, from early 2020, the Turkish government has stepped in on behalf of the insurgent regional bloc, funneling drones and Syrian mercenaries to Libya’s shores to protect Tripoli and defeat Haftar. And although the deal might not have much impact on resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which it largely sidesteps, it will have profound impacts elsewhere, hardening the contemporary cold war that has gripped the region since the Arab Spring. In Libya, the UAE will likely continue to block oil production—damaging Libya’s economy—and continue to support the ongoing military intervention by Egypt or Russia. It will intensify conflict in those contested zones of the Middle East where the two blocs back rival actors—primarily Yemen, Libya, and Syria. Nonetheless, both have exhibited an authoritarian turn over the last decade. As they like to write in the Talmud, lo kashia. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Israel at War — with Corona. The agreement requires Israel to put West Bank annexation on hold, but Netanyahu says it’s temporary. The Vaccine News Is Good. Foreign support to competing internal groups has largely come in the form of weapons, despite a United Nations resolution forbidding such arms transfers. We can’t keep having elections. While writing on behalf of the Obama administration, Goldberg had complained at the time about Israel’s actions. These and other threats have prompted the IDF to accelerate its war preparations in recent months.

My sense is , and of course I have neither special knowledge or insight, that this will not happen and we will see a fourth election.

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