For instance, keepstar or titan symbols next to the fights (once there are any) where a keepstar or titan is destroyed. (Fortizars/Keepstars only?). A bit of a template for those is But I'm still poking around with it before adding it to navigation. Adjust the dates I BM'd an older one.

World War Bee 2 is an all-out assault against Goonswarm, a powerful player-led faction that has been a major part of the game’s culture for at least a decade.

Fountain was extremely busy as PandaFam and associates battered the castle doors, taking down some iHubs in the region. Two weeks into World War Bee and New Eden’s null sec war has finally had a major engagement. After nine weeks, here's what's happened. What is the color coding of the entries? Can they be gamed via someone delivering a bunch of shit to a hangar space and blowing it up or whatever? Be careful what you ask for: Could you also provide a link to the battle report on Can they be gamed via someone delivering a bunch of shit to a hangar space and blowing it up or whatever? Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Activision has not endorsed and is not responsible for this site or its content. totals?

World War Bee tracker I was furloughed for a couple weeks from work, so I thought it would be fun to try and teach myself a new skill, in this case some web development. Earlier this week a major battle in World War Bee 2, the ongoing player war in EVE Online, ravaged the FWST-8 system. A legend to indicate the color co. To be calculated in total losses the victim and killer must be in on one of the sides. Cookies help us deliver our Services. On October 5, ‘World War Bee 2’ entered its current phase, with the PAPI Coalition attempting to establish a beachhead in Delve that would allow supercapital ships to warp into the region. Many of my friends who have low seniority feel your pain. Add past timers: ( ) With who won what. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Check your stats and leaderboards ranking for Call of Duty Modern Warfare (MW), Warzone, Black Ops 4 (BO4), WWII, Infinite Warfare, and Black Ops 3. Modern Warfare is a registered trademark of Activision.

How are you calculating the campaign loss totals? I was furloughed for a couple weeks from work, so I thought it would be fun to try and teach myself a new skill, in this case some web development. Dreadbomb is on the PAPI side, by the way. Especially valuable kills, are something I've already planned. Game materials copyright Activision. Titans and/or supers killed? On one side is The Imperium, … I like the idea of adding more location info I'll do that. Add upcoming timers: ( ). Really nice work. There is a git hub at the bottom. Edit: a total of the losses in the fight would be interesting too. With the details like reddit links I'd suspect manually. Or perhaps some other criteria could be considered. Thanks, I'm back to work Monday. World War Bee 2. The loss totals to tick with those rolling counter displays.

I dislike the user interface of

Could probably be achieved with Server-Sent Events to simplify live updating :).

Adding region name to the location would be nice too.

Major structures killed? Once I felt the thing was presentable I slapped the only logical domain on it.

I like the other ideas. Oh that's good to know, I thought they were still neutral in the conflict. The total ISK war is running about 60-40 against Imperium, with the butcher’s bill standing at about 3 trillion ISK. I thought it would be fun to keep track of large(ish) battle reports coming from the war and most recent kills involved in the conflict. (papi, cfc, third party) You could game it if you price manipulated something valuable and used a spy to destroy it. November 9th Patch Notes for Modern Warfare and Warzone, Season 6 Week 7 Challenges for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, How to Play the IW6x Call of Duty: Ghosts Client, All Trophies for Zombies Onslaught in Black Ops Cold War. One suggestion -- It would be great if the largest or most important battles were differentiated more easily. Press J to jump to the feed. Keeping track of all the different battle reports coming in has been the hardest part, I haven't come up with a great way to automate it yet. Like INIT in Ishtars, Goons in Muninns, Panfam in Muninns for Here I actually notice that you don't use the same battle report website every time. zKill does a pretty good job at sorting out these manipulations and it's the source of kills. Total campaign feature is here. The Center for Preventive Action's (CPA) Global Conflict Tracker is an interactive guide to ongoing conflicts around the world of concern to the United States.,, Join the Tracker community for the latest updates and hot topic discussions of your favorite games. Maybe a star or some symbol or visual marker for battles totaling 100b+ in losses. (how was this not taken), Edit2: maybe fixed issue with live tracking inserts that were causing rollback errors. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Know what it needs? There are some potential issues with how isk totals are calculated. Also for that fight you missed the fight before in the neighbouring system J5A that which was Edit3: still trying to figure what occasionally causes sessions to break and not rollback. A legend to indicate the color code meanings would be useful, as well as making it more clear who "won" and "how" (eg: ISK Efficiency win/loss; Objective Win/Loss if applicable). Rough fleet comp of each side would also be interesting. Thank fuck I was able to hold my job during the covid slowdown. If for example goons tackle a papi titan but someone in a npc corp or non-aligned alliance get the final blow in his rookie ship that kill won't be imported. small design suggestion in line with adding region to system name: add days & hours ago for battle report date/time. btw are the entries made manually or automatic? Yup. The conflict that has been raging for more than two months is now known as World War Bee 2. Almost our entire company was furloughed, even the president of the university I work for took two weeks unpaid, I actually made more thanks to the bonus US aid for unemployment. EVE Online's latest player war, dubbed World War Bee 2, has been raging for some time now. And a function to sort by that instead of date. I thought it would be fun to keep track of large(ish) battle reports coming from the war and most recent kills involved in the conflict. Maybe also a statistic for sov systems won/lost?

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